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Alfred Hitchcock master of suspense

original soundtracks, Psycho, Vertigo, Spellbound, and more, bandes originales de films
Contenu : Theme from 'To catch a thief'
The necklace and the return and finale
Love music
Farewell and the tower
Terror on the ski run
Vertigo prelude and rooftop
The search ; The first floor ; Cabin 10 ; Cabin 1
Theme from 'The trouble with Harry'
Theme from 'I confess'
Theme from 'Rope'
Juke box #6 from 'Rear window'
The bathroom ; The murder ; The body ; The office ; The curtain ; The water ; The car ; The swamp
Theme from 'Dial m for murder'
Rooftop from 'To catch a thief'
Hotel room ; The window ; The parlour ; The madhouse ; The peephole
Prelude - The city ; Marion and Sam ; Temptation
The search ; The shadow ; Phone booth ; The porch ; The stairs ; The knife
Theme from 'Alfred Hitchcock presents' - funeral march of a marionette
Madeleine and Carlotta's portrait
Flight ; The patrol car ; The car lot ; The package ; The rainstorm
Main title
The nightmare and dawn
Spellbound concerto
The hill ; The bedroom ; The toys ; The cellar ; Discovery ; Finale
Prologue ; Duet for four feet - from 'Strangers on a train'
Love theme
The beach
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