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Around Félicité : music from and around the soundtrack of the motion picture

Note Contenu : Tshalemba In praise of homeboys Kapinga yamba Sieben Magnificat ; Antiphonen : O Immanuel / Pärt Lobelela Tshitua fuila mbuloba Bilonda My heart's in highlands / Pärt Mabela Quick as white Fratres / Pärt Quick as white (remix by Ramzi) Quick as white (remix by Clap! Clap!) Félicité one (by High Wolf) Félicité two (by Mo4n4) Félicité three (by Ramzi) Drawning goat (by Daedelus) Drawning goat (by Esa) In praise of homeboys (remix by Africaine 808) Salute to Kalombo (by Ekiti Sound System) Tshitua fuila mbuloba (remix by Loopido)
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