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Pure... celtic

Contenu : Caoineadh na mara ; Amen - lament of the sea - medley
Brian Boru's march
Whisper a prayer to the moon
The shores of the Swilly
Crowley's ; Jackson's - traditional
Deep as you go
Coisich, a rùin
I'll tell me ma
The curragh of Kildaire
Opening medley
I will find you - theme from 'The last of the mohican's'
Theme from Harry's game
Forever frozen
Black is the colour
Circle of joy
An chuileann
In a lifetime
You'll never walk alone
Cailleach's whisper
Beeswing - live
Cùchulainn's last battle
Danny boy
Finnegan's wake
By the river Shannon
Foggy dew
Eirigh suas a stoirin
Way of the warrior
Stor mo chroi
Irish rover
Rosemary Faire - song of Lughnasadh
Haste to the wedding ; The irish washerwoman - medley
Will ye go, Lassie go
Ay fond kiss
Thady Casey's fancy ; The ladies pantalettes ; The monaghan twig ; The linen cap - medley
The leaving of Liverpool
Keening of the three Mary's
The Whinney hills jigs - medley
Rocky road to Dublin
Waiting for the wind
A place among the stones
An fharraige
The rose of Tralee
Fallen - radio mix
The dragon's breath
Molly Ban - Bawn
Rolling in the barrel ; Pinch of snuff ; Vincent Campbell's ; The galoping hound - medley
Pennywhistle jig - from the 'Molly Maguires'
Servant to the slave
Saint Patrick's polka
Where you are
Strange day in the country
Robin - the hooded man
Fields of gold
4 compacts disques