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Contenu : Interview with a vampire
Chase - Midnight Express
Aria, orchestra suite N º 3 for strings BWV 1068 - Seven
Mambo N º 5 - Stuart Little
Come with me - Godzilla
Main theme - Back to the future
The John Dunbar theme - Dance with the wolves
Main theme - Star wars
Reality - La boum
Misirlou - Pulp fiction
Symphonie N º 7 Op. 92 - Des hommes et des dieux
Love is just an heartbeat away - Nocturna, granddaughter of Dracula
Take my breath away - Top gun
Flying theme - E.T
vie en rose - La môme (La)
Main theme - James Bond
Main theme - The Texas chainsaw massacre
Main theme - Live and let die
Love me tender - Wild at heart
Hava naguila - Snatch
Main theme - Rain man
Modern times
Flashdance... what a feeling - Flashdance
The man with harmonica - Once upon a time in the West
Over the rainbow - Le magicien d'Oz
The beach house - Mad Max
Main theme - Schindler's list
Your eyes - La boum 2
Rio Bravo
Enemy at the gates - Stalingrad
The big blue overture - Le grand bleu
When a man loves a woman - Platoon
America - West side story
Main theme - The pink panther
Anything is possible - Matrix
Main theme - Apollo 13
Main theme - Twin Peaks
Aquarela do Brazil - Brazil
Lara's theme - Docteur Jivago
Danse de ballet La Estancia, 2nd movement 'Danza del trigo' - The artist
Carmina Burana, O Fortuna - Excalibur
Everybody needs somebody - The Blues Brothers
Main theme - Love story
Main theme - Independance day
bamba (La)
Unchained melody - Ghost
Swan lake Op. 20 final - Black swan
Main theme - Basic instinct
Now we are free - Gladiator
Tamouré - Les tontons flingueurs
You call it love - L'étudiante
Suite - Jurassic Park
Hero - Spiderman
Malcolm is dead - The sixth sense
Main theme - L.A. confidential
Main theme - Jaws
Main theme - Terminator
Main theme - Catch me if you can
Main theme - Phantom of the Paradise
A nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy
Main theme - 1492 Christophe Colomb
Main theme - The shining
Main theme - Batman
Main theme - Braveheart
Main theme - X-files
Godfather waltz - The godfather
Main theme march - Indiana Jones
Van chase - Robocop
Fanfare ; Gonna fly now - Rocky
Shakespeare in love suite - Shakespeare in love
Main theme - Blade runner
Prelude - Robin Hood
The four seasons, concerto N º 1 spring, allegro - Intouchables
Chan chan - Buena Vista Social Club
The entertainer - The sting
Main theme - Out of Africa
4 compacts disques