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Rock & folk

100% rock indé
Contenu : chrome et le coton - Lafayette remix (Le)
Goodbye bread
Come together
Glass tambourine
Don't think you're the first
Our mutual friend
When anything could happen
Heaven or Las Vegas
Do you remember the first time?
Dig me out
Loaded - single version
Goddess on a highway
Outdoor miner - single version
Lady Coca Cola
Call it a day
Fallen snow
Ever fallen in love - with someone you shouldn't've
Brimful of Asha - single version
Bisou magique
In the new year
Sadness is a blessing
The Dandy Warhols' TV theme song
Don't you forget it
Marty McFly
Outside forever
It's time to wake up - 2023
In the sun
Cheap beer
Pretend you love me
Ovlar E
Grave architecture
Off the hook
Humble man
Stand on the horizon
Young girls
Shake the dope out
C'mon c'mon
Coral bracelet
Now there is nothing
Weekend without make up
I love you Ono
Mean girls give pleasure
Je ne suis pas très drogue
Rock & roll is cold
Come closer
To the east
The amazing heart attack
Cologne Cerrone Houdini
April skies
Dear catastrophe waitress
The killing moon
Dance me in
Instant street
Wishing he was dead
Lose my way
Heimdalsgate like a promethean curse
I like it in the dark
Ring a ding ding
You want candy
Sunday afternoon
Chloe in the afternoon
Bedroom eyes
Heavy dreaming
vie électrique (La)
Suzanne & I
Feels like we only go backwards
One night stand
Keep loving me
Shelter song
Line up
Nuclear war - version 2
I'm his girl
Lived in bars
No. 13 baby
Double vision
Ready to go steady
Overwhelmed with pride
Freedom rock
A salty salute
Seules à Paris
Cheap and cheerful
Saint Simon
Sea within a sea
Everything goes my way
Mature themes
Non non non non - je ne suis plus saoul
37 hours
Hey! Get out of my way
Tropical Iceland
5 compacts disques